Blow torch used to break into ATM machine, man arrested

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Authorities took a man into custody under suspicions of using a blow torch in attempts to break into an ATM machine. The suspect was caught on Thursday after a high-speed chase and crash, report authorities. 

A witness nearby called the police around 6:20 a.m. reporting that there was a man attempting to break his way inside an ATM located out front of a liquor store on Woodside Avenue and Channel Road in Lakeside, sheriff’s Sgt. Tom Poulin said. 

A large cloud of smoke was protruding from the machine. 

A deputy located the suspect’s blue-rimmed, white Chrysler PT Cruiser, around four hours after the incident and attempted to stop him. This began a high-speed chase that continued through Lakeside, La Mesa and El Cajon on Interstate 8, Poulin adds that the chase reached speeds of 90 mph periodically throughout. 

The chase only lasted 15-minutes and was finalized when the suspect collided into a light pole while turning on Fletcher Parkway and Cuyamaca Street in El Cajon. The suspect tried to flee from officials, but did not get far when a sheriff’s dog stopped him by attacking his arm. 

The 52-year-old male of San Diego was transported to a hospital in order to patch up his wounds from the dog and will then be taken to jail, authorities said.

A search of the suspect’s car led deputies to discover a blow torch, a pellet gun, tools and marijuana in the car. Investigators are also curious whether this incident is tied to a series of similar blow torch cases that took place throughout the city this past week, said Poulin.

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